Friday Roundup

Friday Roundup: February 28, 2014

Here we are on the last day of February. This winter has been so brutal and today the temperatures are barely above freezing with a huge snowstorm making its way to dump on us later in the weekend. I cannot WAIT for winter to be over!

I did get to spend some time outside this past Sunday on a trip to the Pittsburgh Zoo. Always a good time!


Next week (weather permitting) I’ll be traveling to Washington DC for work and have quite a bit going on with other meetings coming up. I’m going to make it a goal to also do some fun activities and keep active!

Here are my favorite reads of the week:


This piece really challenges the idea of “voluntourism” and why upper class Western young people traveling across the world to volunteer often causes more harm than good.

What do you think about this Cadillac commercial? Are we supposed to admire this guy for accumulating all this stuff? So that’s what Cadillac wants us to think of as the American Dream. That’s why I like the idea of minimalism!

Today I learned about the Bajau people, nomads of Malay origin who spend their lives at sea. Fascinating photos and story.

Foxnomad’s annual Best City to Visit contest is accepting nominations until tomorrow. It’s fun to follow along as cities around the world get voted and eliminated in a March madness style bracket.

This trekking packing guide has me looking forward to summer and weekend backpacking trips!

Mardi Gras, Carnival, Fat Tuesday, whatever you call it, is coming up next week. Here are some colorful photos of pre-Lent celebrations around the world.

Hope you have a lovely weekend! I’ll be working on my month end Year Without recap and posting about some older trips in the next couple weeks.


  1. Thanks for including our trekking packing guide as part of your Friday roundup! Hope it is useful in your upcoming adventures.

    I recently saw the Cadillac commercial on a quick family trip to the States and the first time I saw it I thought I must have heard wrong. Couldn’t believe it’s message about the “American dream.”
    Audrey recently posted…How to Pack For A Trek: The Ultimate Trekking Packing ListMy Profile

    • Laura

      Thanks Audrey! I really shook my head at that commercial and wondered how people could admire that guy…

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